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Being a chief executive of a small organisation, or an owner of a small business can be a lonely position when it comes to making decisions, planning new initiatives or handling difficulties. You create the business, provide support to others and keep a bird's eye view of all that is happening, while trying to maintain a life/work balance for yourself and perhaps your family.  How do you remain motivated and focussed on your key objectives?

Executive mentoring can give you space and support to help you reflect on your practice, while offering objective insights into your situation, which help you to move forward confidently and achieve more that you ever thought possible.

Executive Mentoring can benefit:

  • Chief Executive Officers of small organisations working in isolation
  • Professionals seeking external support to reflect on their practice
  • Managers who want to achieve more and stay in balance
  • Owners of small businesses  wishing to make the best use of resources

This can be a monthly face to face meeting either in your office or in a place which helps you to get away from it for a while.  If you would rather save time  then a regular coaching telephone call is ideal.  Either way you will receive e-mail support, if required, in-between sessions.

Our specialty is working with:

  • Owners of Small to Medium sized businesses
  • Chief Executives of small to medium sized not for profit enterprises

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What Clients say about us:

"I have moved firmly onto a new career path in lecturing and training.  I am also taking more time to look after myself and taking time out to do fun things.  I feel a rush of excitement as I look forward."     

                     Anita Meldrum, Lecturer and Environmental Consultant

"...the few simple meetings we had had a profound impact on my life at an extemely sensitive time...Your training made me realise how much I also loved our dear house at Seamill on the Ayrshire coast.  I now run it as an upmarket B & B.  Thank you!"

                                                       Avril Rennie, Bed & Breakfast Owner