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Discover meaning, purpose and fulfilment!

Lifecoaching can help you to become clearer about who you really are and what you really want from life.  It helps you to find fulfilment in achieving your purpose because you have a plan, you are focussed and you have a partner for change, in your Lifecoach.  You can simplify life, reduce stress, feel more supported, improve self-esteem, realise your full potential and learn to live the life you really want.

During a coaching session your lifecoach will ask you about your life and about what motivates you.  You will receive new insights and be encouraged to reflect and record between sessions to help you move forward.

Typical Coaching Questions:

  • "What would you like your life to look like in ten years time?"
  • "What major life change would you like to make?"
  • "What is preventing you from getting started?"
  • "What are the three biggest challenges facing you right now?"
  • "What one thing would make the greatest difference to your life ?"

Who can benefit most?

  • You have a specific goal and you want support to reach it
  • You just know there is more to life and want to find out what.
  • You want to live abundantly.
  • The life you are living isn't yours.
  • You want to set goals which reflect who you really are.
  • You want to plan your life around your values.

Lifecoaching on a one to one basis is conducted over the telephone, with regular 30-40 minute sessions, usually two or three times a month to suit your scheduleFace to face meetings are also possible depending on location.

Group coaching is also offered at a lower rate, face to face or by telephone conference call, usually on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Free e-mail support is available between sessions for both of the above options.  

Contact us NOW at for a FREE 30 minute  introductory session.

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Client Testimonials:

"Isabel made me sit down and systematically clarify my needs and wants.  It was very helpful to have an impartial view on what I was doing and thinking and made me realise that much of my subconscious reasoning was OK and that I can be too self-critical."

                                                                             A.M., Glasgow

"You do not have to say much, but what you do, you do so well.

                                                                                               D.R. Fife